查 詢 機 器 設 備 - 2009 年 11 月份 資料

詢問日期 2009-11-21
電  話 1441-032-2924830
傳  真 1441-032-2918976
E - mail techno.products@yahoo.com
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詢問日期 2009-11-18
公司名稱 ALS Marketing Group
聯 絡 人 Alan Sabo/Principal
電  話 847-778-9813
傳  真 970-403-3202
E - mail alansabo@alsmarketinggroup.com
網  站 alsmarketinggroup.com
問題與建議 I am contacting you regarding the development of sales channels for Taiwanese products in North America. The ALS Marketing Group specializes in working with foriegn manufactures to establish market specific avenues of distribution, OEM (original equipment manufacture) specification, hiring sales representatives, and catalog distributor introductions. Our services are proven to save substantial amounts of money spent on sales related issues while increasing sales and profitability in the shortest amount of time.

A description of our background and markets we serve are described on our web site: www.alsmarketinggroup.com.

We would certainly appreciate the opportunity to discuss mutual business possibilities with Taiwanese manufactures wanting to enter the US market or restructure existing sales channels.


Al Sabo

詢問日期 2009-11-11
公司名稱 Eric Yang
聯 絡 人 Eric Yang/Free Lancer
電  話 886-2-26701996
傳  真 886-2-00
E - mail oyang6@hotmail.com
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問題與建議 Dear Associate president/chairman of TAMI,

Good day to you!

My name is Eric Yang and i am an overseas chinese from India.

I had the pleasure of going through your website to understand the business activities of the organisation and its members.

I would like to take this opportunity to get connected with your organisation wherein i can serve as a contact window for members who are looking for business opportunities in India and South Asia.

I would like to act as a business consultant in your organisation wherein i can take business groups and arrange local trade fairs and market research activities so that members can gain more in-dept knowledge of the market.

Any further queries please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thank you and look forward to your early reply.

Best Regards,

Eric Yang

詢問日期 2009-11-02
公司名稱 Heart international
聯 絡 人 Md. Shamim Bhuiyan/Proprietor
電  話 88-02-7193456
傳  真 88-02-7193425
E - mail heartbit@dhaka.net
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問題與建議 We are a reputed Company manufacturing and supplying garments accessories in Bangladesh

Now we are interested to install a Automatic Carton Making Machine and also a automatic poly bag making machine. For that we are iooking for those machine.If you produce those kind of machineries,please send us a set of manual regarding this kind of machineries.

you co-operation will be highly appreciated. Waiting for your quick response.

詢問日期 2009-11-01
公司名稱 Anderson Engineering
聯 絡 人 Bryce Anderson/owner
電  話 61-07-40618200
傳  真 61-07-40618200
E - mail andersonengineering@bigpond.com
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問題與建議 I am wondering if you can provide me with some technical advice . I have a Eumega mdv 4 turret mill . We had a fire in our workshop last week and the electrical cabinet caught fire and all the wiring diagrams went up in smoke with it . I was wondering if you could either supply me with a new electrical cabinet or send me the wiring diagrams so i could get my electrician to re wire it . Can you also provide me with the Australian distributor for Eumega,s contact details .

Bryce Anderson

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