查 询 机 器 设 备 - 2010 年 05 月份 资料

询问日期 2010-05-27
联 络 人 Bernd Lossau/General Manager
电  话 0049-38-82688110
传  真 0049-38-82688061
E - mail guahamsaguahamsa@yahoo.com
网  站  

We would like an offer of a tire shredder system
with a complete production o granules and powder
we have 4000 tires in the week, 70% from trucks
and 40% from cars,
best regards
Ing. Bernd Lossau

询问日期 2010-05-01
公司名称 Ameya Enterprises
联 络 人 Ameya Paranjape/Partner
电  话 0091-20-24222474
传  真 0091-20-24222882
E - mail paranjape.ameya@gmail.com
网  站  

Dear Sir/Madam

We are interested in
1) wire stripping and cutting machine
2) terminal crimping
3) automatic machine on which wire is stripped, 3mm or 5 mm or 10mm LEDs are soldered to the wire automatically, then spacer piece is inserted between the legs of the LEDs and then finally heat shrinkable sleeve is put automatically on the LED

Thanking you

Yours faithfully
Ameya Paranjape
for Ameya Enterprises India
tel: 91-09822043430
email: paranjape.ameya@gmail.com

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